Saturday, October 06, 2018

We must resist with love to prevent the return of a past of hate

There is a picture of a little boy called Alexandre.

When he was two years old he was tortured in front of his mother.

He was given electric shocks in order to force her to give information about leftist groups.

This happened under Brazil's military dictatorship. Alexandre never recovered from the trauma and committed suicide in 2013.

One of the candidates in tomorrow's general election celebrates torture and is openly recalling for a return of military dictatorship.

His name is Jair Bolsonaro and he is currently leading in the polls.

I name him because he is a human being like the rest of us and deserves compassion in his terrible suffering.

Even though he wants to inflict it on us all.

And so this beautiful country, with all its hope and good energy, lies under a cloud of rage and fear.

And here I am in the midst of it, planning new work with Natalia Mallo and thinking of how to perform Queen Jesus with Renata Carvalho.

I am so fortunate. Because this work, too, has its power and it matters.

"However much darkness there may be in our lives
There is still a light a light inside us
And our job is to let it out to shine".

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