Thursday, September 20, 2018

In Belo Horizonte. Coming home.....

I love this theatre. This is the Teatro Marilia, in Sao Paulo, where I'm performing EVE tonight.

I loved it the minute I stood on its stage.

The space is beautiful, open, with a lovely wooden floor, and a very intimate relationship with the audience.

Perhaps it was my love for it that made this photo so fuzzy. I was sitting on the bench, which the technicians have so beautifully made for us, and feeling absolutely at home.

The stage was full of the usual concentrated bustle that is the same everywhere, whenever theatre people work together, as everyone worked on aligning the screen and rigging the lights.

It's amazing how at home I feel on a stage. And to think of how much effort it took to deny that in myself during all those years of exile.

How that longing poured itself into all my plays.

That simple longing to be home....
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