Sunday, September 16, 2018

EVE lands in Nairn

EVE got a new dress for Nairn.

I loved the old one: grey, full length, raw silk, with a gorgeous turquoise at the hem which echoed the colour of the floor.

But it didn't fit the new production.

Because the floor's gone, and the bench with lights in it, and the elaborate triptych of screens...

We've pared everything down so the show can be taken anywhere.

And Nairn was the first destination.

Nairn's a lovely place: amazing light, beautiful golden sands, handsome Victorian villas.

Lots of guest houses and care homes...

I wouldn't say it was a centre of well informed concern about LGBT issues, so I did occasionally wonder how the audience might response to our autobiographical tale of a trans woman.

We were told afterwards that Nairn audiences do have a tendency to wriggle. And that when they wriggle, their seats creak.

But last night there were no wriggles and no creaks.

And we were also told that Nairn audiences generally don't, under any circumstances, stand up to applaud at the end.

But this audience did.

We must have been doing something right. But so did they. They were truly lovely.

So this morning we all left happy.

And began to pack for Brazil...

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