Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Time for a break

Today is the 73rd day of the year.

Or so my diary tells me. On Jan 1st I made a resolution to write a daily blog to try to strengthen my writing muscles; and as far as I recall, I have kept it.

Which means this is my 73rd blog entry this year. I have also written four short radio plays and will hopefully finish the fifth very soon. Which means I have succeeded, I think, in my objective.

And i have re-discovered the joy of writing. Which is wonderful.

The rules I made myself were never to take more than twenty minutes, never to write more than one draft, never to bother how many people read this or don't, and always take pleasure in its writing.

Today I had to take time off working on my current play to write this; and I realise it has begun to feel like a chore.

Time to stop, I think. At least for a day or so. I hope this exercise has given you who read it pleasure; as it has given pleasure to me.
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