Monday, March 05, 2018

the joy of new life...

I remember times when my partner was slowly dying of the brain tumour that was killing her that it seemed to me in some ways her suffering was as bad and perhaps even worse than any torture the human mind could devise.

It was a kind of crucifixion it seemed to me and that's why when I wrote my "Gospel According to Jesus Queen of Heaven" I wrote

"And we will all hang on our cross..."

Because it seemed to me that the experience of Jesus dying on the cross is maybe a metaphor for what we all must go through as we are forced to let go of our life here on earth.

Today I was lucky enough to hold my new grandchild in my arms. I found myself thanking this exquisite creature, just a few days old, for consenting to come into our lives.

And that made me understand something else in that play: that maybe the birth of Jesus really is a metaphor for the birth of all of us.

But of course we don't need any of that to celebrate and feel joy at the entrance of this beauteous being into the world...
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