Wednesday, March 07, 2018

my grand daughter glimpses the beauty of the world...

My five day old grand daughter opened her eyes today and looked at the world.

It seemed to be a place of wonder that she explored unafraid.

And on this sunny spring morning she briefly transformed my view of the world.

Until I became fixated on a nes story I read yesterday that opioid overdoses have increased by a third across all age groups and all areas of the United States. Which means that over just 14 months 30% more people found living so unbearably painful they poisoned themselves trying to dull the pain of it.

Why do we lose our blissful beginnings...

Don’t think about the news, dad, says my daughter wisely, having guessed the direction of my thinking. Not when so much beauty has come into our lives...

But what has gone wrong? And how can we put it right?
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