Saturday, March 24, 2018


All I have to report today is happiness.

And I was just about not to do it, because I feel very tired and a bit pissed and I had this feeling it doesn't matter.

But it absolutely does.

I woke up with the feeling it was going to be like my birthday all over again, and it was.

I've loved:

Being with my daughters. Being with my son-in-laws. Being with my grandson. Being with my granddaughter. And laughing a lot.

It's true my grand daughter didn't laugh much. Or rather not at all. But she is only three weeks old and she does do the most heart-stoppingly beautiful smile.

And then there was work. I gave my daughters my new radio plays to read, and the younger has given them the thumbs up.

And Jesus Queen of Heaven was a big success last night and is sold out again tonight.

And "These Are My Hands" the short film I wrote and perform in, had its premiere in the British Film Institute on London's South Bank in its Flare LGBTI film festival.

And I don't know how it went. But I'm proud of it anyway, and I'll see it tomorrow.

And thank you, universe. Thank you again and again....
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