Friday, March 09, 2018

Choosing a favourable birth

I first read The Tibetan Book of the Dead many years ago, when I was still a hippie.

The book was popular in the late sixties and early seventies because Timothy Leary edited it as a guide for people going through an LSD trip.

I think I read it in both versions, and it eventually found its way into my work in my TREE OF KNOWLEDGE.

It's designed to be read over someone who's recently died by the friends and teachers of the deceased.

The soul of the dead person is believed to be still present in the room and so able to listen and benefit from its teachings.

(And i remember me and my daughter both had the same feeling in the room with my late mother-in-law's body soon after her death)

The first part of the book is a guide to the dead person, both as they are dying and immediately after their death, a guide to help them understand what is happening to them, not be too frightened and dismayed by it, and come safely through it.

The next section is designed to help them avoid a rebirth; but if they fail this test they will be visited by compelling images of the living having intercourse.

They need to take care; not get sucked in; recognise the signs of a loving family and favourable birth, and choose it.

Looking at the happiness and contentment of my beautiful and deeply loved grand daughter this morning, it seemed very clear she had heard this advice in one of her innumerable lives and taken it to heart.

She has chosen troubled and difficult times; but she has also chosen a loving beautiful family to take care of her through them...
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