Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Checking out the Dundee Rep stage

To Dundee today to visit Dundee Rep.

I love this theatre. I've seen two of my plays beautifully produced here: ANNA KARENINA and GREAT EXPECTATIONS.

Me and Susan Worsfold wanted to visit it to get the measure of the space for EVE, which I'll be performing there in May.

After Traverse 2, and then the Glasgow Citizens, it'll be the third different really space we've brought the show too.

The third I hope of many more.

I began the custom of standing on the theatre stages of the venues I was going to write for very early on -in the old Traverse, in 1985 - and it's one that means a lot to me.

It's so important to have the plan of the theatre in my imagination so that the characters live there as they come to life.

On the train up and on the train back there was everyone in my queer adaptation of TAMING OF THE SHREW that I've begun writing for the Sherman in Cardiff.

I loved having them there. Just as I love, now, sitting at my desk with Dundee Rep in my imagination.

One of the nicest things to me about performing in the Citz was when someone said to me they had the sense that i was addressing so much to them, and to them alone.

I hope I can do the same in Dundee. And I know, already, that I feel at home.
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