Saturday, February 17, 2018

When we dream of a loved one who's died

My heart is still full of last night's dream.

I was in a bathroom the colour of avocado. It was a new place for me.

And I heard Susie's voice from the bedroom: "I'm back", she said. And I knew we were going to spend the night together.

And I was so happy, because it had been so long.

It'll soon be thirteen years. I remember when I first had these dreams they used to make me howl in pain because I dreamt them very soon after she'd died and they seemed so cruelly to make worse the dreadful pain of losing her.

But when I woke last night from that dream, it must have been about three or four in the morning, it somehow didn't feel sad any more.

It felt more like a confirmation that our love lives on.
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