Sunday, February 04, 2018

We all belong together

"Establishing the understanding that we all belong to one humanity is the most essential step for how we might continue to coexist on this sphere we call Earth."

That's from Ai Wei Wei's beautiful and urgent article about his film, Human Flow.  Please read it if you can

I wanted to write about it today, but I find I cannot. I must keep trying.

Right now, the obscenity of one piece of news seems to prevent me thinking clearly. I cannot see past my rage.

Crops are rotting in Scottish fields right now because of te walls we are putting up to prevent foreign workers

I haven't the words, yet, or the artistic form that can frames the words that need to be spoken.

I know my Queen Jesus has said some of this already. She says:

"All of us in this together. All of us here to love and to be loved. Remember. Remember. Remember."

But the words bear repeating over and over again.

Ai Wei Wei says:

"There are many borders to dismantle, but the most important are the ones within our own hearts and minds – these are the borders that are dividing humanity from itself."

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