Saturday, February 10, 2018

The struggle to get up onto the stage

Getting old is strange.

Horrible in some ways. Things that have always been so simple suddenly become complicated.

There's four steps that go up to the stage in cinema one in the Filmhouse.The kind of thing I would never have thought twice about. But these days, because they don't have a hand rail, getting up them is difficult, and getting down them is worse.

The last couple of films I've had to introduce have involved this somewhat perilous climb to and from the stage. And doing it in full view makes it worse.

There's really no reason for me to be ashamed of my struggle to get down. But I am.

And writing about this makes me question why I've never spoken about it to the management. Or asked for assistance.

And I guess that, just like me, as they watch me struggle, the audience turn away.

Another less than helpful habit to become aware of. And then, hopefully, break.
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