Sunday, February 25, 2018

Mother Nature is calling me home

I used to live near Roslin Glen and in those days I was at home in the woods.

I'd go out with the dog every day to write. I loved it there.

But these days I forget how long since I last walked in one.

It was so lovely yesterday to walk in this lovely place.

But I noticed with sadness how timid I feel now in such places. The path we followed led down hill into the valley and I found myself worrying a little about how difficult it would be to walk back to the car. Whether it would make my ankles hurt, or whether I would end up short of breath.

In the past such thoughts would never even have crossed my mind.

And when I got home I was astonished to discover as I read about the coming week of intense cold that people particularly at risk included people over 65 and people with a heart condition.

And I fall into both categories.

It is as if Mother Nature, who used to be a mother with so many boundless gists to me, is turning into something a little crueller. As if I get older she is calling me back to her. Reeling me in.

And for all I cannot escape her and she represents perhaps more and more of a threat to me...

Still. How beautiful...

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