Sunday, February 18, 2018

LGBTQI History Month and the beginning of lent

It was lovely that my church today was acknowledging and celebrating LGBTI History Month.

It was as lovely as the wee girl who had just learnt to walk, and so was walking all over the church in the middle of the church and loving it. And who obviously took a liking to Fiona, the minister leading the service, and offered her a half eaten biscuit. And Fiona very simply and directly took the biscuit, tanked her for it, and went on with whatever she was talking about. Which was the temptations in the desert, it being that Sunday.

These two simple and natural things just so beautifully contradicted the way I was treated in church as a child, and so helped to heal the hurt of that.

Afterwards I took the bus to Duddingston village for the first rehearsal of the Duddingston Passion Play.

I play the part of the Angel who announces to the truth of the Resurrection to the grieving women who have been with Jesus on the cross. And as we read it through together,  I was so forcibly struck by the grandeur and the tragedy of the story.

A grandeur that really doesn't allow space for the petty anti gay and anti trans prejudices that so often the church has expounded so much futile energy trying to defend.

God knows why....
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