Wednesday, February 07, 2018

A wee bit of self congratulation...

It's getting close to midnight. It's a crazy time to be writing up my blog.

I'm obstinately sticking to my new year resolution to write once a day. I took it as a kind of exercise to strengthen my writing muscles, which seemed after months of neglect to have grown flabby and weak.

I'd just had to put aside an important commission because I couldn't complete when I said I would. That made me feel so wretched. I wondered if I would ever write a play again.

And I just have. Not a long one, just under fifteen minutes for the Woman's Hour slot. The first in a series of five. Two thousand five hundred words.

I've just written "ENDS" at the bottom of the page. I love that feeling.

And here I am in my hotel room in Manchester, after a day of meetings, and the night before chairing the post show talk of a lovely good hearted show called "Dancing Bear" on the stage of the Palace Theatre.

And now I'm looking forward to starting Episode Two on the train home.

My writing muscles must be getting strong again...
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