Sunday, January 28, 2018

The joy of sharing a beautiful film

"Andrei Rublev" was such an incredible joy to watch tonight. It is such a pleasure to choose a film I love for the Filmhouse, and then introduce it. And sit in front of the huge screen of cinema one, in the middle of a full house of utterly rapt spectators.

It wasn't an easy film to introduce, and I'm not sure i did it very well. bright lights were shining in my eyes, so I couldn't sense what was going on in the audience. I had a real panic earlier this afternoon, because I couldn't remember exactly what it was I intended to say. And here were some tricky little steps up and down onto the stage which I found hard to negotiate.

And then when I'd said my bit and sat down again, and I was watching the first scene, yet again I was bowled over by the power of the film's artistry, which I'd underestimated somehow.

And I felt what I'd said was so inadequate. But that doesn't matter.

What mattered was the overwhelming beauty and power of the film.

And the intense privilege of being able to share it...
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