Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Queen Jesus is changing the world


This morning I got sent this picture. It made me very proud.

It's of  Renata Carvalho, the Brazilian Queen Jesus, and Natalia Mallo, her director and translator. The man they are with, Eduardo Simplicy, is one of the founders of the Workers Party in Brazil. He is also a city councillor of São Paulo and is here with Renata to launch a bill to end discrimination against trans people in the workplace.

The book he is presenting to Renata is about Universal Basic Income. He is one of the first and most important proponents of the idea.

In my eyes, this makes him one of the most significant economic thinkers on the planet. The fact I haven't heard of him, and that he is in fact hardly known at all outside Brazil, only goes to show how mistaken are the priorities of the media. 

They are giving him my GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JESUS QUEEN OF HEAVEN in English and in Portuguese.
An interesting & significant exchange...

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