Thursday, January 04, 2018

"Mijn Vader Is Een Zij"

When I first saw this headline, I thought in my ignorance that "ZIJ" was a term of abuse. Apparently not. It's Dutch for "SHE".

"My Father Is A She".

I believe very firmly in the need to be out in the world. To be open about who I am and proud too.

And I am particularly proud of being a trans woman and a father and a grandmother too and I do think it's an important thing to confirm.

And I know this is a good article because my daughter wrote it.

Here it is. Judge for yourselves.

It's much more than good. My daughter Catriona Innes is a wonderfully gifted writer.

And I'm sure I should feel happy that, after being published in the UK Cosmopolitan, it's now being published in the Netherlands and will reach another audience.

We need these articles. Particularly in the context of the continual media onslaught against us.

I try to ignore it all, but I know it's getting to me. Perhaps that's why I feel so tired. Why I shrink a little from this new exposure.

Why I so look forward to the day when these articles are no longer necessary.

The day we are fully accepted into the world. The day people look back on us now and wonder what on earth the fuss was about.

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