Sunday, August 10, 2014

The week ends with a little blessing....

A dear friend came up to me after the show last night looking quite worried. “You don’t really think you’re Jesus?” she asked. I assured her I didn’t. “It’s just you’re so convincing...”

But there was a moment last night when.. I can’t say I felt like Jesus, because none of us will ever know what that is, but at least I felt as if I was channelling something. 

A real blessing.

There’s a speech about sexual pleasure, and as I was saying it I saw the two gay couples in the front row cuddling each other and smiling. There was a couple of men and a couple of women and it had been so lovely up to then to see them holding hands and looking so relaxed and easy about it that when i saw them exchanging glancs and silent memories of their intimacy I also felt myself very strongly to be blessing them.

And afterwards I thought how incredibly sad it is that Christianity has allowed itself to be so obsessively sidetracked into so destructive a concern about sex and gender.

That has nothing whatsoever to do with what Jesus actually said.

And which has meant that almost all the churches have made themselves totally incapable of doing the one thing that you would imagine they would be best qualified to do. 

The one thing so desperately needed in the world: the offering of a vibrant and meaningful spiritual alternative to the deadly materialism that is destroying us all.

Someone took advantage of the Guardian comments section to threaten me with hell:

"Luke 23:34 "Father, forgive them, they know not what they do." ***** Has everyone forgotten that they will one day die and their eternal destiny will be revealed?... If you do not pray, if you do not reverence and show continuous gratitude to the One who gave you existence, if you judge yourself only on your own loose ideas of goodness and not the harder truth that God asks of you, then you are fooling yourself. I truly hate to say this, but hell, too, is real. "God reveals His covenant to those who fear Him."

And how sad it is for this person, who identifies as Catholic, that the God they worship is so angry and judgemental and abusive. 

And the exact opposite of the God of the Gospels.

And someone else said: If Christianity was like this, I’d even go to church.

Which was sweet of them.

And the tablecloth behaved impeccably....

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