Saturday, August 09, 2014

Something unusual: a happy night in the serious theatre

I have a theory that we make a mistake if we make an individual and their suffering the stuff of theatre.

One reason why I don’t go much is because I no longer want to see and feel another individual’s unhappiness.

I want theatre to be more about the collective: and for good feelings to be at the heart of it. 

Love. Hope. Empowerment. Freedom...

And the wonderful thing about performing JESUS QUEEN OF HEAVEN as well as writing it is that it gives me the chance to put these ideas into practice.

Not just theoretically in a detached kind of way that makes someone else do all the practical work. But in the nitty gritty too.

In the way I perform the words; in my nightly struggles with the matches and the tablecloth; and in what all this does to the audience.

And last night all I can say is that it made everybody very happy. 

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