Friday, August 01, 2014

2 for 1 ticket offer

Hello friends,
I hope you are really well. 
Below you can find some details about the show we are presenting at the Fringe this year, THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JESUS, QUEEN OF HEAVEN (by Jo Clifford) - “a candlelit, peaceful, meditative end to a hard day on the Fringe”.
2009’s five-night run of THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JESUS, QUEEN OF HEAVEN was met with 1,000 protesters from Christian groups outside the TronTheatre in Glasgow and 750,000 bloggers protesting worldwide. The archbishop of Glasgow subsequently called this vision of a transgendered Jesus 'an affront to the Christian faith'. He never saw it. 
We are passionate that you do and that work like thisacross the Fringe is seen and heard by as many people as possible.
I wanted to let you know that on Tuesday 5th August (that's next Tuesday) we will be offering a 2 for 1 deal on tickets, so this will make it a bit more affordable for you, as well as reduced cost preview tickets on Wednesday and Thursday.
Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon.
Love Annabel/Jo/Susan x

The Gospel According To Jesus. Queen Of Heaven by Jo Clifford
ArtSpace @ St Marks at 10.30 pm, Tuesday to Saturday,Aug 5-9, 12-16 & 19-23.
More details about the show here:
And you can see Jo talking about the piece in this short video:

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