Thursday, June 05, 2014

Jesus Queen of Heaven: making a trailer. Saying a prayer...

When you're making a film and they say "Action!" then, right enough, you generally have to do something.

Open a door, walk to the spot you're meant to stand on, look a certain direction, say something...

And all the while ignoring the crew who may be remarkably close to your face, and looking anxious maybe, certainly concentrating hard and hoping you'll do it right...

It's an odd process. trying to look and sound completely natural in an utterly unnatural situation, and it amazes me that these days I should somehow feel so at home in it.

Making this trailer, however, was very strange

When Stuart Platt, the film-maker, said "Action" I was supposed to do nothing.

Or at least not move. Just look. Look calmly and with presence at the camera as it came slowly closer.

And then afterwards I thought: did I actually do anything?

Because it was Stuart who actually made the film.

And it did take hours, and I must have done something, because when I got home at about seven that night I went straight to bed. And slept for hours and hours and hours...


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