Friday, March 01, 2013

The difficulties of watching myself...

This is the video of the pre-show interview I gave with Gregory Nash just before the start of the cinema showing of GREAT EXPECTATIONS.

I got sent the link a few days ago, watched it, noted all the things i disliked about myself in it, and then put it to one side. After a day or so, I sent it to my younger daughter, who had been with me in the theatre and so hadn't seen it, and to the young woman who so beautifully did my make-up.

And then forgot about it again. And it was only yesterday, talking to my dear SEX AND CHIPS colleagues, that I mentioned it, and they asked to see it, and almost immediately afterwards David Walshe posted it on Facebook.

And only after that did I manage to do the same.

And I have spent the day taking refuge in writing my new play, and only this evening, after dithering about it, am I taking the steps to post it here.

If I was still teaching playwrights, I would devote a whole section of the course to self publicity. I would be telling my students how important and necessary it is to be able to promote yourself, and promote your work, and be unashamed about it.

And then I might wonder where are the sources of my intense reluctance to do such a thing.

And wonder, too, how I've managed to create for myself a career at all....

When I watched Great Expectations in the cinema and this reel came on before it started I was absolutely made up with how happy you looked. I thought you were glowing and spoke with such passion about the play and you both seemed so full of life and charisma! It was infectious.The audience I sat in listened attentively. There was a part at the end as I remember, where you mentioned that you have a grandchild now. The audience collectively went 'aww' !! I wanted to stand up and say 'Jo taught me!! I know Jo' !! Be proud, nothing but proud as you so deservexx
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