Sunday, April 15, 2012

Performing Queen Jesus in the Nightingale, Brighton

After last night, I begin to think performance may even be a kind of meditation.

Or maybe this is just something to do with doing a show about Jesus...

There is a journey that as a performer you have to make. Words you have to say, actions you have to take, obviously, but I am trying to think what goes on underneath all that....

There is a point of openness and trust inside. A point where you want to be, and keep straying off from.

As you think about what you have to say or do next and are aware of the energy of the audience, very much so in this case, because we are all in the lighted circle together, and so you lose your centre, and somehow have to come back to it.

Again and again.

Of course success is very important, the show going well, but it's important to let go of all that and do what has to be done.

Trust the text. Trust yourself. Trust the moment.

All this is hard for me, hard for anyone, and who knows how much I succeeded.

That matters but also doesn't. Maybe the main thing is to keep learning.

And try to take pleasure in the whole process....
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