Friday, April 06, 2012


I've prepared a new version of the script to perform in Brighton and gradually, bit by bit, have been learning it again.

Most of it is deeply embedded in my memory by now, so it's fairly light work. Pleasurable, even.

I am more and more convinced that the only way to make a play project worth while is to give it a long life. Which is precisely what the current economic structures of theatre make it almost impossible to do.

(A prime example of this is TREE OF KNOWLEDGE, which i wrote for the Traverse last year, played over christmas, sold out in its last week, and averaged 95% ticket sales. It could have done with a longer run. But the Traverse say they cannot afford to run a play for more than a little over a fortnight. And now, in spite of its success, they say they cannot afford to bring it back and have no plans to do so)

The only reason that this becomes impossible is because I am creating absolutely outside all normal funding structures.

And am dong it myself.

But this is no time for frustration: more for the pleasure of seeing a good and worthwhile project continuing to extend its life....
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