Thursday, December 29, 2011


The last performance of THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE happened on Christmas Eve.

The end of the run of the play always brings a degree of sadness.

I become aware of all the incredible effort involved in bringing the play into being: the sweat and suffering that went into the writing of the script.

Into its rehearsals.

Into the design and construction of the set: and fitting it all together into performance.

And at the end of it all you wonder: is it worth it?

Now it’s all over, did it make any sense to work so hard?

Jo Tope, Neil McKinven, Gerry Mulgrew: the cast were amazing. “Magisterial”, I called them. And Jo “luminous” in her final speech.

The audience, crammed into the Traverse, leaning forward in their eagerness to hear.

The last week sold out. Every copy of the script sold.

So: yes. Yes it was worth it.

And today we started rehearsing SEX CHIPS AND THE HOLY GHOST.

But that’s another story...
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