Friday, December 09, 2011

finally, the first performance of TREE OF KNOWLEDGE

I am so very tired. But I know, somehow, that until I write down something of what happened tonight I will never rest.

It was a full house. The main thing is that people laughed. And cried. And got angry (someone walked out).

But above all they listened. They listened with that very special attentive silence that I so love.

After the show, the person next to me asked "Are you anything to do with this show?"

And I said: "I wrote it".

And he said: "It was so funny. And so thought provoking, and so moving. I loved it".

And then he shook my hand. And his companion shook my hand.

And in so many ways I could not ask for better. Could not ask for better than that.
Hi Jo. I am the person whose partner asked you if you had anything to do with the play, and I was glad to shake your hand last night. We talked and talked about the play all evening, and sitting next to you meant such a lot to Merlin, he was very moved by your reaction to seeing the play realised, and has talked all weekend about what a privilege that was. He studied philosophy at university, so was fascinated by the re-imagined Hume and Smith, and I work for a violence against women charity, so Eve's story really resonated with me. We're so so glad we were able to see this fantastic play and so glad you were happy with the first night. Wishing you all the best for the rest of the run and all else that lies ahead!
Jo, I loved your play - it was just so brilliant. it was hard to hear the mocking of my faith but I realised that there was a purpose - to challenge, in the end, those doing the mocking but not in vindictively as is so often the way in our "got to be right all the time" culture, but in a rediscovery from experience. Hilary and I talked about the play for ages - and now I am off to read it again to grapple with the bits I missed.

Thank you
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