Saturday, November 19, 2011

the first audience

Last night was full of insomniac dreams.

I kept waking with huge images of the play in my head.

They were bigger than me, somehow, bigger than anything an individual could handle.

Something to do with seeing the club scene with music for the first time. Astonishing, powerful music.

There was a small group of individual sponsors in, too. Coming in to see the rehearsal.

They reminded me that this play, which engages us all so totally, is actually about reaching outwards, too.

Perhaps that’s another place this sense of gigantism came from.

I bought “The List” in the supermarket today. They list the play as an “intelligently written Christmas show”. As does Equity, which lists it as a panto.

Once upon a time I wanted to write a Christmas show. But that was to make money.

Ironic to find these listings making it appear as if that aim has been fulfilled - the writing of the Christmas show, at least (Never mind the money).

When writing a Christmas show was absolutely the last thing on my mind.
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