Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"An Evening with Troy Perry & Jo Clifford"

Every night before I go to bed, I think: I really must note down what's happened.

And then I'm too tired, too much going on, too much to write about.

So I don't.

So I feel as if there is this huge backlog of events that should be written about, because they mattered, but which I haven't. Written about. And they weigh down my mind, somehow, and stop me writing.

But I wanted to record that last Friday, 23rd September, I finished the first draft of the book of "The Gospel According To Jesus Queen Of Heaven".

I was in Devon, in a village called Sheepwash, staying at "Retreats For You (http://www.deborahdooleyjournalist.co.uk/retreat.html) which I can't recommend enough.

And that whole experience is something else I want to describe, but won't, because I feel myself getting more and more tired and because the important thing to say is that finishing that draft marks the end of something.

Because today I'm not starting another big project. That assembly line production of new scripts, which has really been going on since 1980, has stopped.

Something new is beginning instead.

I spent Monday working with Ben Harrison and Katherine Mendelsohn and some really wonderful actors at the Traverse theatre working on my "Tree of Knowledge".

And today I spent an amazing day rehearsing with Susan Worsfold (http://www.susanworsfold.co.uk/Susan_Worsfold/Welcome.html) the extracts of "The Gospel of Jesus Queen Of Heaven" that I'll be performing at the Admiral Bar in Glasgow tomorrow night.

As if that huge spell of my working life where my main business was sitting alone, writing at a keyboard, is now over.

I can't really say what is taking its place.

That's for the next weeks and months to discover.


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