Thursday, August 11, 2011

I saw a transwoman in Waverley station today.

She was wearing a shabby anorak, baggy knee length shorts in a flowery pattern over brightly coloured tights.

My heart went out to her: everything about her appearance made so apparent her unhappiness with who she was and her difficulty in finding a way to express herself in her clothing.

Her face wore that closed, frightened expression I know so horribly well: that attempt to absent herself from the hostility I imagine her so often receiving.

I don’t want to judge her, or suggest ways she could adjust her look to appear more “feminine”.

Whatever our gender may happen to be, I want us to be able to aspire to more than mere invisibility.

I want us all to live in a culture where we can freely wear whatever best expresses us.

Where we can all walk in the street without fear.


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