Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Earlier this evening a very pleasant young man phones me to say he is from the Liberal democrats and could he count on my support?

I am astonished. I cannot imagine a more futile occupation than canvassing for the Liberal democrats in Edinburgh at this moment in time.

The coalition? He asks.

Of course. The coalition. I tell him as politely as I can that of course I could not conceive of supporting them. I tell him that at UK level they are supporting a government that has shown itself spectacularly unfit to govern; and that at local level they have presided over the most spectacularly inept administrations the city of Edinburgh has ever seen.

The trams?

Of course. The trams.

He tells me most politely that of course he understands and rings off.

Leaving me mystified. Why would anyone of any intelligence want to waste their evening in such an occupation?

He must be receiving nothing but abuse.

I have been trying to read Clegg’s sombre face as he sits beside Cameron while he gives his disingenuous defence of his utterly disgraceful actions.

I try to imagine what he must be feeling and fail.

One thing I do know: in such a position I would die of shame.


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