Sunday, June 19, 2011

I celebrate gender recognition

About 18 months ago I was presented with this beautiful portrait.

It’s by a very wonderful Edinburgh artist called Fiona Robertson and I was so overwhelmed by the skill and beauty of it that for a long while I haven’t quite known what to do.

The I decided to unveil it at a party last night to celebrate the first anniversary of my gender anniversary certificate.

I called it a birthday party because in many ways that is what it was.

I’ve never been good at celebrating birthdays. Maybe because my mum so wanted a girl. I was born by caesarian section and when she woke she must have been in so much pain. And then disappointed to see I was a boy.

I know she loved me profoundly; but I also have this distinct memory of birthdays never ben quite right somehow. Of a sense of disappointment being profoundly attached to them.

So I’ve never been very good at celebrating them.

But this event was very lovely.

I invited the right number of people, and the right people too.

They were all lovely, and enjoyed each others’ company, and I enjoyed them also.

My eldest daughter was so wonderful and helpful, and my younger posted this beautiful Tweet:

Catriona Innes
It's Father's Day soon but instead of celebrating that we are celebrating 1 year since my Dad got her gender recognition certificate. #proud

I felt then, and feel now, so deeply blessed.

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