Monday, November 01, 2010

I went to my last board meeting tonight.
When i was a professor, I used to be on several boards; I did a cull of them when i was ill, a while ago.

This one - the board of Tabularasa ( I maintained. Because i rate the company, I especially rate Claire Pencak, its founder/director, and I enjoy the other members of the board.

But something about getting my bus pass; about my last heart scare... have reminded me time is short, and I need to focus on what I am in this world to do.

Which is essentially not to sit on the boards of companies.

It was a good meeting, the company is moving in a new and exciting direction, and I felt pleased both to be leaving and to be leaving right now, at the brink of this change.

And then I got a taxi home.

And I asked for my address with what i imagine is my best "female voice".

Which was inaudible.

As it always is.

And I wonder at this...


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