Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Wednesday is the day i do shopping for my mother-in-law.
So I pay a visit to Mr. Sainsbury on my bike... and on the whole it's a pleasure.
There was a dad there with his daughter today.
He was in his late thirties, and walked with a limp.
It was clear he had one leg much shorter than another, and so had to wear a special boot with a heavily built up sole in order to be able to walk at all.
This had all affected his spine, which was a bit twisted, maybe, and a bit hunchbacked; and it was obvious from the look on his face that he had grown up suffering from a sense of exclusion, and a feeling of himself as being an ugly deformed person.
His daughter was about 7, maybe, and incredibly beautiful.
Lively, intelligent, loving being with her dad. She was proudly weighing all the vegetables they had bought on the scales and printing out the labels.
When you looked closely, it was obvious she had inherited her dad's features.
Which were, in fact, beautiful.
And she reflected his inner beauty back to him: and so he adored being with her as much she adored being with him.
It was beautiful to see in itself.
And all the more moving because I recognised in them what my daughters did for me.
And still do.


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