Sunday, July 25, 2010

25th July
there were over a hundred people in church today, and an air of general celebration.
To outward appearances, many of the congregation are very conventional, many of them elderly. And I really shouldn't continue to be amazed at how open minded they are, how welcoming, how warm.
But I am.
This coming Saturday I am due to be performing a reading of JESUS QUEEN OF HEAVEN in the church; something that moves me profoundly; and so many people came up to me to say they were looking forward to coming, or regretting the fact that they could not.
They all totally understood the significance of what i am trying to do in a way i have never encountered before.
the church aims to be inclusive; and totally is, in an impressive and profoundly moving way.
Some, but not all, of this is due to the amazing minister, Fiona, who as ever led a very beautiful service.
Meantime the Church of Scotland, the Anglican, and the Catholic church are all convulsed over the issue of women bishops or priests; and homosexual bishops or priests, in a way that does nobody any good and is profoundly damaging for all concerned.
Watching Fiona it's so obvious that to deny so gifted an individual the right to her vocation is absurdly self-destructive.
I think of all those locked churches i encountered in France: locked and disused because the priests are no longer there to serve them.
Unlike my enemies, I make no claims as to God's thinking.
I have no need to. The evidence is right there in front of our eyes.


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