Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The next stage of Gender Recognition is to amend your birth certificate.
the draft documents have come through with amazing speed and today i was looking at a draft version of my birth certificate:
in which "Robert John" has been replaced by "Jo" and "Boy" has been replaced by "girl".
An eerie feeling.
i wish my mum and dad were here to see it.
I wish we could talk it over with each other.
I know they wanted a girl; and have a strong sense they were disappointed to have me instead.
Although they did all they could to love me as I was.
Would that certificate, would my present identity make them happy?
I feel an odd reluctance to wipe out "Robert John" from the record.
I'm proud of him: proud of what he, I, achieved as a husband, as a writer, above all as a father.
Proud of the journey I've made to get to where and who I am now.
Have a feeling I want an official record of that, somehow.
I take comfort in the fact that the original will be preserved, in some secret location i think.
And certainly in my heart, in my family, and my daughters.


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