Friday, May 07, 2010

Woke at 3am and couldn't resist turning on the TV to see the results.
And then it was hard to turn it off again; and then it was hard to sleep.
So that by the end of the night all my energies were misplaced and disharmonious, somehow...
And I worked at tidying the house with the news on... and found myself following the developments on the BBC and the Guardian websites. It was all oddly compelling, for some reason.
But such a relief, when they played a movement of the Quartet for the End of Time at lunchtime, to be reminded that there is another dimension independent of all this self-seeking..
Having known, even when I started this website, that the voting system was unjust and ineffective perhaps i should take some pleasure in this being widely known.
But again there's the sad spectacle of supposedly intelligent plitical animals doing their best, for their own narrow reasons, to ignore the obvious.
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