Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I left the house to go to dancing soon after 7.
It turns out that it was then that the new government was being announced.
But somehow I had turned my back on all that.
It was at the dance class that i really began to dress as a woman and identify myself as Jo.
And as I walked up tonight, i had memories of how scared I used to be as i walked up in those days, generally in a skirt (after months of bringing it in a bag and changing into one when I arrived).
Of avoiding the groups of men. Or adolescents. Or anyone who looked the slightest bit scary.
I must have zigzagged my way up and down the street.
And as I danced tonight I suddenly became aware that such fears and dilemmas no longer figure in my life in the slightest.
Claire, our teacher, spoke of how we humans have met and embraced in the dancing circles for hundreds and thousands of years.
How in spite of everything we still do so.
I walked back, very slowly, because my knees ache these days, and entered a world where the "progressive alliance" was apparently incapable of being formed.
Reaction seems to have won again: and it disgusts me already.
And I wonder how humanity ever does make progress.
I guess through the unseen activities of millions of groups and individuals like us: trying, even if in the smallest of ways, to create a better world.


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