Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Today, somehow, feels like a day of freedom.
Finished the "Seagull", and sent it off.
(Noting, in passing, the uncomfortable resemblances to Trigorin)
So no deadlines.
(Though I start work on turning GODS NEW FROCK and JESUS QUEEN OF HEAVEN into a book)
I so revel in cycling; in the spring air; in not having in some strange way to guard myself from over-exposure.
Someone teaching Queer Studies in California State University wants to use JESUS as a set text.
The Conservatives come out with an utterly ridiculous manifesto that surely no-one will believe in for a minute.
The Pope's Foreign Secretary (forget his proper title) says in a press conference in Chile that priestly paedophilia has nothing to do with the vow of chastity and everything to do with homosexuality.
Apparently unaware that the greatest sex scandal currently causing rage in Chile is about a priest who was a serial abuser of young girls.
And, yes, protected by his superiors for years and years.
Finally listen to Edi Stark interviewing me [http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00rv6b3] and actually enjoy it.
Get more evidence that, yes, people do read this blog, and still find that surprising and a bit disconcerting.
Pack for a wee holiday in Skye.
Where I will be out of touch with email and internet...
Reflect that Joe's obsession with newspapers in my play is actually already a bit dated.
But someone is now reading the play in Finland...


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