Monday, April 12, 2010

The show ended on Saturday.
I felt very sad about it ending.
It IS sad: all the work and the intensity and the suffering, and the whole affair so ephemeral.
I want my shows to go on for ever.
Especially when I am as proud as I am of this one.
But at the same time: today, I must confess, it's something of a relief not to have my stuff being exposed up on a stage.
And a part of me with it.
I feel i can even relax a little.
But then today i have finished my adaptation of "The Seagull".
It never ends.


All those people who have taken something from Every One. Stage crew, techies, actors, audiences... Just ordinary people. Mostly people who can't express their thoughts and feelings and experiences through social constraints or through writing about them or acting them out. But people who have so much to say about their own lives. People like you can make us feel embraced. You can perhaps make sense of our disorganised thoughts and feelings. Maybe make some things a little clearer or give us a different, perhaps more hopeful, way to look at things. Maybe just saying through your play, someone understands how you feel and you aren't alone. So everyone takes a piece of Every One with them. It's almost like a spiritual experience like you get in church or bio-danza, or hospital. You are with complete strangers in a confined space, yet we're all together in a shared experience. And if you bumped into any of them later you'd be confined to social barriers, but there in that moment we were all on the same wave-length and understanding. And you were at the centre of it all. And it's late and I'm mixing up we and you in the same sentences and can't be bothered sorting them out and I'm waffling on your blog again, sorry. Love ,Jenny xx
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