Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I went to the show on friday night. I wanted to take the person I love.
So I paid for house seats in the centre of the stalls quite close to the front: and it was a joy.

Because something I love to see is how shows grow. How as the actors become more at ease in their roles, they fill them out, somehow, and the whole show takes on a new and beautiful life.

Liam was sitting in the row behind us; and at the interval my neighbour turned to the woman who was sitting next to him and asked: "Did you get a fright?". She nodded. She looked visibly shocked. And my neighbour said synpathetically: "It's the Lyceum. Things like that aren't meant to happen".

But they have. And they did.

And I feel very proud of that.

And then today i was travelling down to Edinburgh from Dundee. Using my bus pass.

It was amazing. I hope I find ways to use this really rather wonderful freedom.

There was an old man started to prepare himself to get off as we were getting into the city centre. And he asked the man behind him, "Can you tell me where St. John's church is?" and I ended up telling him.

And then just before he got off, the neighbour so unexpectedly turned to me and said "Jo." and I was astonished, because I really had never sen him before, "Can I have your autograph?".

Not a young man. In fact, maybe like me using his bus pass.

So I signed, a bit flabbergasted, and thought, "So am I famous?"

It was a strange place to find out...

And then i had a meeting at the Traverse, a lovely meeting as it turned out, and there was a lovely man from the National theatre of Scotland, and he is seeing the play tonight, and some people from a big London arts festival, and I vaguely thought I should asy hello to them and wish them well.

But when it came to the moment I felt too shy and nervous.

Some things perhaps never change.


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