Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Finally today I got my bike back.
I haven't used it for so long. The shop I bought it from insisted on calling me 'sir', as I remember, and I hadn't the courage or the confidence then to set them right.
and then I had surgery, and went to france, and when i came back it was all impossible.
meantime the tires went flat, and I had this absurd embarrassment at being unable to fix them.
But a new job has opened just round the corner, East Coast Cycles, i think: a lovely young man whose job was noticeably fuller when I picked the bike up today than it had been when I left it there on Friday.
and what a good feeling to get on it again, even if it was just to go to the supermarket...
but then i went to my office in edinburgh uni, and as I left the rain had just stopped falling and the air had that delicious smell of new rain.
someone wrote to me to say how positive and life enhancing the play was to them, who recently lost their father.
someone else wrote to the lyceum to say how thoroughly depressing it all was and that's not why they want to go to the theatre...
and i am sorry they felt that.
But I am so glad people disagree.


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