Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Sunday.
I became a member of the church today.
There were two of us: myself and Fiona, who also, strangely enough, became a member of the MCC at the same time I did.
We stood up in front of everybody, made our promises, were welcomed by the head of the church (who has a nicer title, I think, which I have forgotten) and then once the bread and the wine had been consecrated, served communion.
Everyone clustered round in a circle, and we handed out first the bread and then the wine.
And afterwards there were many affectionate congratulations and welcomes, that included me and also dear Marie.
It was very touching; I felt profoundly moved; and I couldn't stop myself from thinking how five a years ago, even, such an event would have been unthinkable.
I simply could not have come to church in a skirt at all, never mind dressed in one I especially liked, as I did today, in order to be welcomed, formally and publicly, but also individually and warmly, by the congregation.
Each Sunday, part of the service is for the children: but the message, which Fiona, the minister, communicates with such warmth and clarity, is also for all of us.
She was speaking about the message of Easter, and she invited the children, all of us, to remember that although life gets very dark and painful and difficult sometimes, there is always hope. Always the possibility that something good and beautiful may emerge.
And me and Marie felt this with especial force in the current events of our lives.
And then walked down the Royal Mile together full of deep joy.


What a lovely thing to happen on Easter Sunday. And i can't help feeling how appropriate for you because to me it seems as though you're going through a kind of suffering, dying, and resurrection thing yourself. And I'm thinking of the bit where Jesus meets Mary and says he is still not fully ascended. It kind of represents us healing and still being very tender and vulnerable, and that (for me anyway) we're very sensitive to other people's kindnesses more than people's cruelty... Now I'm tangling my thoughts in knots as if I don't know what I'm talking about, but it makes sense in my own head!!!
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