Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When the play opened, it became something very different.
That is the wonderful things about theatre: that it is not a fixed entity, a dead commodity that can be bought and sold as such, but a living organism.
It's also why it has difficulty, sometimes, holding its own in a world that is totally at home buying and selling commodities.
The difference was partly in me, because I was less afraid; and partly in the actors, who I suspect were also less afraid and beginning to find their way of interacting with the audience.
This time I could see many people were listening; i could experience their attention; and I was able to receive their praise.
There was a lot of praise: and there continues to be.
And I know that what i have done, whatever its faults, is worth doing.
That seems so banal: but its worth saying.
I seem to have a new respect for my work that I am not sure I ever had before.


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