Thursday, March 04, 2010

Week three: Thursday
An amazing and intense day.
i don't recall ever witnessing rehearsals of such an emotionally charged play.
When i am not crying, i am looking at this with amazed astonishment.
Who wrote this?
Apparently I did.
And then having my brain picked by a lady at over lunch who wanted my advice about a certain city in Northern Spain's bid to be European Capital of Culture of 2016.
And having to leave rehearsals, suddenly, to meet someone I desperately needed to meet.
And am so glad I did.
And then preparing for the coming of most of the actors, and Becca, and a few friends beside to gather today and listen to LA PRINCESSE DE CLEVES, which we did, and it was so lovely to hear it in company.
And now, if I can, I really must sleep.
Hey Jo..
I'm here just to say that i love your work. In fact i was making some searching for a theatre peace that u wrote about the life of Florbela Espanca. in 1994. And then i saw inconsequently more of your work. I know you ear this all the time, but I'm a fan of Forbela Espanca since litle.. And I really loved the way you represents her..
Ok I'll stop talking...
just to say I love your work...
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