Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Week four: tuesday.
Cast are getting somewhat wobbly from spending so long on their feet talking to a blank wall. In spite of which they keep discovering in ways I find utterly fascinating... I still tweak words from time to time. Brief session with the Youth group, which was a real pleasure: they are devising a piece related to my play which they perform the week after it opens. And then to a public discussion organised by the Middle Eastern Festival of Spirituality and Peacein St John's church. A bit to my dismay, I found myself getting quite aggressive with one questioner. And incoherent with another. David Greig spoke of his experience bring his play "Damascus" to Damascus.
I am a bit ashamed to record that what i remember was a really pleasant walk with him all the way back along Princes' St to Waverley Station, and then home. I am so fond of him. If also a bit jealous: for having the chance to explore all the darkness of PETER PAN without simultaneously having to make it a jolly Christmas show.
And he said a lovely thing about a remark I made about theatre being a kind of gym for empathy.
But the real thing I remember is that I could walk all the way back from St John's church without my knees getting sore.


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