Monday, March 08, 2010

Week four: Monday.
An extraordinary happy day.
It seems so important to me to deny this myth that the best creativity coms from suffering. I think it comes from pleasure and joy.
A lot of that about in the rehearsal room. And a lot of laughter.
And at lunch I had a really pleasant interview with the Glasgow Herald; and then had my eyebrows done; and then in the evening took part in a discussion at the National Library of Scotland about the Traverse in general and the 1985 season in particular.
What surprised and delighted me was that the lecture hall was full..
And a lovely dinner afterwards. I used to read about literary events, and would wish I was there to attend them too, and then always a bit disappointed with the writers I actually met. Because mostly we seemed to whinge about money.
But tonight, with Joyce McMillan, and Peter Arnott, and David Harrower, and Chris Hannan, it was such sheer pleasure.
And perhaps the best bit was to be with Chris, and Peter: the three of us, survivors of that 1985 season. Still creating, still in good shape, and still capable of such happiness.


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