Friday, March 12, 2010

Week four: friday
One of the strangest things about being a playwright is that my involvement in the play decreases just as the actors' involvement increases.
Its true that the script seems as if etched into my brain, and I find page after page of it as if unscrolling in my memory: but that apart, i woke this morning to find myself focusing on the next three projects.
Before going down to meet a lovely drama studnt who wanted to interview me about her new project. "The Penis Monologues".
And then i wandered round Hoxton, which is the strangest mixture of urban decay and utter sophistication, before heading off to the Canal Museum, amateurish but endearing, and terribly English in a gentle sort of way. After that it was amazing portait heads from Ife in the British Museum; the most esquisite re-enactment of the Japanes tea ceremony; gorgeous figurines from the Cyclades; a cup of China white tea; and to end it all, a wonderful supper in the most vibrant and friendly multi-cultural bar in Brixton.
And I am amazed and delighted at the variety and scope of cultural activity available in this city.


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