Saturday, March 13, 2010

Week 4: saturday
My daughter Katie and her boyfriend got the keys to their new flat today, and I was able to see it with them.
It's their first home together.
Such a joy to share their pride and excitement...
It made up for some disappointment I found myself feeling at missing the run today.
All my plays need an audience. They are simply not about creating a self-contained world behind a "fourth wall".
They're conversations with, inter-actions with, their audiences.
And this one much more even than most.
After weeks and weeks of addressing a blank wall, the actors finally had an audience in the form of the dancers of act two.
A lovely message from Mark indicated this made a huge difference.
And yes, I knew it would, and I always try to allow for that, but it's still a joy to see it happen.
I have to contain my impatience.


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