Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Week 3: Tuesday.
Just home from dancing.
So wonderful to be wordless in a loving atmosphere after a day secretly fretting over words. Commas even.
I feel for the actors. So exposed up there.
In a place that will demand their utmost powers of presence and of concentration.
I have to keep suppressing my desires to make it easier for them... because to do o would, I know, weaken the play.
And when they get past all their concerns and worries and their sense of strangeness at what they are called on to do, and their anxieties about learning the words.... what comes out is so powerful...
I had to sit to the side late this afternoon: sitting in front of them felt like being exposed to some kind of emotional hurricane.
Also thinking of the spectator at LEAVE TO REMAIN last night who, like me, had had to take care of their partner as they died from a brain tumour.
The intensity of the suffering that involves is so exceptional: and i was so glad to be there to be able to tell her, not just with words, but with my whole presence, that we can recover.
And will.
And "learn to love and live joyfully again".
As it says in the script: and which I can now perform, not just as a pious hope, but as something which I know to be true.


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